5.3 "Warm" Instrument Re-start

The user performs "warm" boots of the instruments either after removing or installing patches, or in order to "fix" a software or hardware problem by gently re-starting the BEP. The procedure used to perform a warm re-boot is as follows:

  1. Ensure that the desired DPA side is on (Section 3.1.1)

  2. Ensure the desired DEA side is on (Section 3.3.3)

  3. Optionally dump the patch list and check (Section

  4. Perform a Warm Boot (Section

  5. Check BEP Startup Message (look at version) (Section 3.4.2)

  6. Check Voltage, Current and Thermal since video boards will be power-cycled, the powered FEPs will be reset, and the focal plane temperature set-point will be re- loaded (Section 3.4.1)

  7. Dump System Configuration table and check (Section

  8. Dump Bad Pixel and Column maps, parameter block slots and Huffman table and check (Section, Section, Section

  9. Wait longer than 20 seconds for the video boards to be power-cycled.

  10. Start the first observation, ensuring that bias-maps are re-computed and telemetered (Section 4.1)

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