Appendix B. Active Patch List

Table 19 lists the patches active at the time this document was last updated. The standard patches consist of bug fixes and systems changes which are needed for the smooth operation of the instrument. The developers strongly recommend that the standarad patches are always loaded into the instrument during normal science operations. Refer to the latest release of MIT 36-58010 for a list and description of these patches.

New features and modes are provided in the suite of optional patch loads. Each of these loads is verified in combination with the latest standard patch load, and some of the engineering patches needed to access the test hardware. By default, the optional patches are NOT tested in combination. Refer to the latest version of MIT 36-58020 for a list and description of the set of available optional patches.

In order to manage testing of combinations of optional patches, separate verification tests are run on requested combinations of optional patches (always with the standard patch load in place). These combinations are provided distinct part numbers. The development team has not officially tested unlisted combinations of optional patches.

In order to support testing, debugging, and prototypes of future patch concepts, there are also a collection of engineering/prototype patches. These patches are not indended for normal operations.

Table 19. Current Patches
Type Patch MIT Part # Revision Size (bytes)
36-58010 Rev. A
biastiming 36-58030.04 A Total Standard
Load Size = 472
corruptblock 36-58030.01 A
digestbiaserror 36-58030.02 A
histogramvar 36-58030.03 A
rquad 36-58030.14 A
histogrammean 36-58030.15 A
zap1expo 36-58030.16 A
36-58020 Rev. A
cc3x3 36-58030.06 A 4636
eventhist 36-58030.05 A 6356
teignore 36-58030.09 A 36
ccignore 36-58030.10 A 36
Optional Combos cc3x3 + eventhist 36-58021.01 A 4636 + 6356
Engineering/Prototypes hybrid 36-58030.13 03 6104
tlmio 36-58030.07 02 10312
printswhouse 36-58030.08 01 4668
deaeng 36-58030.11 02 2604
dearepl 36-58030.12 02 556

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