1.0 Introduction

The AXAF-I CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) Science Instrument Software (SIS) is being developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Space Research (MIT-CSR) as part of the ACIS Digital Processor Assembly (DPA). The DPA resides on- board the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility - Imaging (AXAF-I). The DPA Science Instrument Software is responsible for acquiring and processing image data from the ACIS CCD Imaging Spectrometer and transferring the processed data to the AXAF-I Command and Telemetry Unit (CTU), which is then responsible for sending the information to the ground.

1.1 Purpose

The ACIS Science Instrument Software User's Guide describes the operation of the key functions of the instrument software.

1.2 Scope

This document applies to the detailed design of the ACIS DPA Science Instrument Software. It does not provide information for the Ground Support Software (GSS), which is maintained separately as part of the Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE).

This document supplies information applicable to SDM05 from the original contract, and to DM29 from MM8075.1.

By mutual agreement, MSFC Software Management and Development Requirements Manual MM8075.1, which supersedes MA-001-006-2H, forms the basis for this document.

1.3 References

This specification relies on a set of existing documentation. The following table lists these documents.

Table 1. Reference Documents
Part Number Version Title
MSFC MM 8075.1 January 22, 1991 MSFC Software Management and Development Requirements Manual
MIT-CSR 36-01103 I ACIS Science Instrument Software Requirements Specification
MIT-CSR 36-01502 C ACIS Technical Analyses and Models: ACIS Hardware Specification and System Description
NU910701 1991 Nucleus RTX Reference Manual from Accelerated Technology, Inc.
NU910702 1991 Nucleus RTX Internals Manual from Accelerated Technology, Inc.
MIT-CSR 36-01410 January 15, 1997 ACIS Instrument Protocol and Command List
MIT-CSR 36-53204.0204 K ACIS IP&CL Software Structure Definitions
MIT-CSR 36-02205 C DPA/DEA Interface Control Document
MIT-CSR 36-55001 Rev 3.1 ACIS Test Tools
MIT-CSR 36-54002.08 A ACIS Flight Software Release 1.5
MIT-CSR 36-56102 01 Huffman Coding of ACIS Pixel Data

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