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15.0 Front End Processor Science Processing

This section describes the preliminary design of the ACIS Front End's Science Processing software. This details of this section are TBD. The Front End Science Software is responsible for computing the overall CCD bias levels and for acquiring four main types of data: Raw Pixel Data, Histograms, 3x3 Event Data, and 3x1 Event Data. For each Front End Mode, the science software uses a main processing loop to control its overall operations. Figure 17 illustrates the overall context and data flow for this code.

FIGURE 17. Front End Science Processing Context and Data Flow Diagrams

It is TBD if all three data modes are provided by a single Front End Processor load, or if each data mode is contained within its own load. In either case, each data mode is controlled by a main loop. This main loop polls the Front End's command interface, computes the overclock levels for the "exposure," and processes the pixel data. Figure 18 illustrates the overall structure of this code (bias computation is not shown).

FIGURE 18. Front End Processing Science Processing Structure


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