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1.4 Version History

Version 0.1 - outline version of the document, identifying the section headings and establishing traceability to the requirements listed in MSFC DR SOP01.

Version 0.11-0.14 - text written for Sections 1,2&3 by David Lumb and John Nousek. Contributions and figures from the ASC Science Instrument Notebook (SIN) by David Huenemoerder and collaborators.

Version 0.5 - text rewritten and expanded as first draft of PDR submission (May 23, 1994). Areas submitted as outline points for later submission are indicated as follows:

Outline point is a sample outline point. TBS by: Nousek
Version 1.0 - final form for initial submission at ACIS PDR (May 23, 1994). Additional inputs received from Gordon Garmire, Mark Bautz, Jim Francis, Dorothy Gordon and Steve Jones.

Version 1.1 - version containing revisions received after the ACIS PDR submission. Comments from David Burrows.

Version 1.11 - version containing revisions based on comments from PDR reviewers and RIDs. Comments from Paul Plucinsky, Joel Kastner, Allyn Tennant, and Dan Dewey. Supplemental information from Mark Bautz, Peter Ford, Jim Francis and Steve Jones. Figures made by Linda Baker, Erin Shutak and Jaime Demick.

Version 1.12 - version completely reviewed by Leisa Townsley to assure a uniform style and to clarify the narrative.

Version 1.13 - including new figures from Linda Baker and Peter Ford (MIT SRS).

Version 1.14 - major additions based on material submitted by MIT at PDR, especially the Software Requirements and On-Board Electronics design. Compiled by Leisa Townsley.

Version 1.15 - structurally revised into separate LATEX chapters, added ACIS logo from David Lumb, inputs from Leisa Townsley, Pat Broos, and MIT Software Preliminary Design Document.

Version 1.16 - added flight CCD positions from Al Pillsbury, blur circle projections and calibration specification material from John Nousek, ground processing from Pat Broos, figures from Linda Baker.

Version 1.17 - additional material from Leisa Townsley and Pat Broos. Description of UV filter added by John Nousek

Version 1.18 - suggestions added from Eric Feigelson. Sub-pixel resolution and X-ray simulation description added from Leisa Townsley.

Version 2.00 - preliminary submission for CDR, submitted May 8, 1995.

Version 2.01, 2.02 - changes on filter and suggestions from Gordon Garmire incorporated. Material from ASC review of FI/BI chips included from Paul Plucinsky.

Version 2.10 - official CDR submission on May 31, 1995.

Version 2.11 - brought up to date calibration plan times.

Version 2.12 - included revisions based on RIDs from Joel Kastner (ASC) and Bob Wolf (TRW).

Version 2.13 - added text and figures from Niel Tice and others at Lockheed Martin Astronautics (LMA).

Version 2.14 - added ACIS sub-assembly calibration plan from Mark Bautz. Added OV plan from Mike Juda and Paul Plucinsky (ASC)

Version 2.15 - removed Spatial Histogramming bias correction per Bev Fergason (MIT).

Version 2.16 - added sub-assembly priorities from Mark Bautz; Leisa Townsley complete document review; alignment figures from Rick Foster (MIT).

Version 2.17 - revisions to software section suggested by Peter Ford (MIT). George Chartas comments incorporated. SRC data on filter measurements, bias determination description, door description and orbital bakeout from Leisa Townsley. Data reduction tools description from Pat Broos.

Version 2.18 - revisions based on Gordon Garmire review.

Version 2.19 - revisions to XRCF calibration and figure from Jiahong Juda (ASC).

Version 2.50 - start of post-XRCF release versions. Electrical description from LMA.

Version 2.51-2.53 - flight focal plane graphics from Ken Glotfelty (ASC). S array description added.

Version 2.54 - extensive revision to the calibration descriptions, filter transmission plots and figures from Leisa Townsley and George Chartas (PSU). Description of flight calibration sources from Mark Bautz (MIT). Expanded the Ground Processing description of TARA and ASC tools based on User Guide by Pat Broos and Scott Koch.

Version 2.60 - extensive revisions based on contributions from Bill Mayer (MIT).

Version 2.61 - corrections to science description by Eric Feigelson (PSU).

Version 2.62 - added list of XRCF TRW ID measurements from Leisa Townsley (PSU).

Version 2.63 - revisions based on acceptance review comments by Peter Ford (MIT).

Version 2.64 - revisions based on acceptance review comments by Bob Goeke (MIT).

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