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Figure 2.16:  Locations and orientations of chips chosen for ACIS flight focal plane.
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The schematic locations of the ACIS CCD chips are shown in Fig. 2.16. Note that readout orientation of the chips varies across the array due to the need to maximize use of the portion of the focal plane closest to the aimpoints.

Chips S3 (w134c4r) and S1 (w140c4r) are BI chips. The other chips are all FI. The chip naming convention is the wafer number (w134, for example), followed by the chip number on the wafer. Chips with a trailing `r' indicate a `reflexed' chip, i.e. one which had been bonded to an unreliable flexprint and then rebonded to a flight qualified flexprint. Ones without `r' were only bonded once.

John Nousek