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3.0 DEA Subsystem

This section describes the software responsibilities concerning defined failures within the Detector Electronics Assembly.

3.1 DEA Drivers

3.1.1 <Name of Failure>

Specify name of the failure, the section number and failure id used within the instrument FMEA.

Specify the criticality of the failure and fault-tolerance implemented within the software. Description of Failure
Describe the failure and how it affects the hardware/software interface Affected Software Element(s)
List the affected software design elements. Detection of Failure
Describe how the software element(s) detects the failure. Software Response
Describe how the software indicates and responds to the failure. Provide flow-charts or psuedo-code if necessary.

3.2 DEA Video Chains

3.3 DEA Common Boards

3.4 DEA Focal Plane Temperature Controller

3.5 DEA Power

3.6 RCTU to DEA Harness

3.7 DPA to DEA Harness

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