ACIS Telemetry Channel: 1DAHAT

Mnemonic:   1DAHAT
Update:   02/13/136
Owner:   ACIS
Data User:   ASC
Who:   ACIS
Signal Name:   DA Housing Temp. A Offset
Channel Type:   AA
RCTU Name:   SI
Equipment ID:   17903
Bits:   8
Sample Rate Nominal:   1
Sample Rate Contingency:   1
Engineering Units:   C
CalType:   PS
FMT1:   Y
FMT2:   Y
FMT3:   Y
FMT4:   Y
FMT5:   Y
FMT6:   Y
Remarks:   "DA Housing Temperature Controller ""A"" error amplifier output. It is proportional to the difference of the setpoint temperature and actual temperature. This is located near the heater elements."

Last updated: Fri Oct 21 10:51:58 EDT 2016